• A Recap Of Our Herstory Series
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A Recap Of Our Herstory Series

Maja here. Back in the fall, we launched a new initiative at ELSA AND ME: The #Herstory project. My idea was to highlight and profile just some of the amazing women I’ve been lucky enough to know and meet throughout my journey as an entrepreneur.

To be honest, #Herstory came out of some tough times. We were still recovering from the brutal negativity of the 2016 presidential election and I wanted to focus on something that was inspiring and optimistic. I wanted to showcase women talking about what they loved and the older female family members that had an important influence on them.

And sure, the profiles would feature the women in our dresses, but passionate and independent women with ties to older generations is kind of what we’re all about here at ELSA AND ME.      

It all started with a blog post in late November. I’d been thinking for awhile about how older generations of women had passed on their virtues and values to the women of today. So I wrote about that, using my grandmother Elsa and her role in my life that was important I named my company after her.

Then, we posted a Q&A with my friend Malene Barnett, who talked about how her work in design and her grandmother’s story and how it influenced her. We followed that with a chat with Maria Mähl, a fellow Swede living in New York, who not only worked for the Clinton Foundation at the time but also explained how Hillary Clinton inspired her.

The most personal #Herstory to put together was my own, which I did to honor the memory of Elsa when she passed in December.

But with the new year and “Women’s History Month” in March, I wanted to try something different. We’d had experience shooting video for our Kickstarter and I felt like that was the perfect medium for the #Herstory profiles.

Malene was nice enough to do another interview with us, this time on camera and recorded, and we were really pleased with the results. So much so that we filmed four more video profiles--all with women based in our home borough of Brooklyn.
Lindsay Fisher talked about her love of music and how her mom and grandmother influenced her. Zoe Smythe opened up about sustainable fashion and how her artist mother encouraged her as a child AND an adult. Laura Trachtman Haspel told us about her love of other language and her extraordinary grandmother. And Kim Jenkins spoke about discovering the academic side of fashion and her influential “Cousin" Mary.

The response has been incredible, from the awesome comments and shares on social media to the private messages I’ve received. I want to say thanks to everyone who helped and participated.

And to all our followers and devotees: stay tuned for more!

  • Maja Svensson
  • elsa and meherstorykim jenkinslaura trachtman haspellindsay fischermalene barnettmaria mählzoe smythe

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