• Herstory: Get To Know Maria Mähl
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Herstory: Get To Know Maria Mähl

Maria Mähl lives on Manhattan’s Upper West Side and is a Senior Manager at the Clinton Foundation. When asked about how her fashion style reflects who she is, Maria likens it to a red ELSA dress (one of which she owns) and describes it as “Classic, but with a touch of color or a distinctive accessory to spice it up.” Maria goes on to explain that as part of her job, she meets with all types of different people from different backgrounds, including presidents and non-profit pioneers, so “a classic but flexible wardrobe has you ready for your next meeting or adventure – with whomever or wherever they might be.”

As part of our continuing “Herstory” blog post series, ELSA AND ME met up with Maria to take some fabulous photos, which you can see throughout this post, and find out what woman from a previous generation inspired her (along with a couple other things).


What do you love about what you do?
Empowering people to live their best life story! I get to work with people who are passionate about making this world better for all of us: From fighting climate change in Africa to ending poverty in India to ensuring girls have the same opportunities as boys in the Middle East. The strength and breadth of the sustainable solutions we are able to both envision and bring to fruition address the most pressing challenges we face in our society today and are exponentially more successful because we work with people from all sectors from multinational corporations to local governments and non-profits.

Maria is wearing a red ELSA dress with a boat neck and 3/4 sleeves.

What woman from an older generation inspired you and how?
Hillary Clinton has inspired me since the early 1990’s, not only because of how she’s worked on issues such as women’s rights and making healthcare accessible for all Americans, but how she’s always assumed a leadership role that goes beyond what traditionally has been expected from a woman. She’s withstood criticism while always staying focused on the job with intelligence, integrity and grit. It’s been an honor and a dream come true to have worked for her.

What do you think makes this country great?
The boundless optimism paired with the notion that hard work pays off breeds a culture where people are looking for opportunities in life and business, where they follow their dreams, and are not afraid of failure. And that’s a sure recipe for success.

  • elsaandmegenerationherstoryinspirationmaria mählwomen

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