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For My Mom, Elsa's Daughter, Kerstin

Today is Mother’s Day in the U.S., so in honor of that I wanted to take a moment to write about a very special person: Elsa’s daughter, Kerstin...who also happens to be my mom.

My mother grew up when women had just started to gain more acceptance and recognition in the workplace, but they were also still expected to handle the majority of the household and family duties. I’m not sure how my mother managed it all, but I’ve been incredibly fortunate to experience her passion, love, deep sense of duty, and inner fire that’s always burning bright. I’m sure all those traits helped.

My mother started her career as a teacher, but eventually was recruited to take over as the principal of a school. She still serves today as principal in the same municipality where she started out and 2017 will be her last year. My mother has always had a genuine devotion to community and education and at the same time had a natural ability to lead. I’ve always thought of my mother as one of the bravest people I know. She stands up for what’s right and instilled in me a confidence, morality, loyalty, and the courage to share my work and thoughts.

After my grandfather stepped down as the chairman of the folk dance group that our family was a part of, my mom took over the position. Seeing our mom as a leader and an educator not only gave my sister and me an understanding of the importance of continuously learning new things, but also the courage to see ourselves as leaders early on.

But my mother is not only a leader and educator, she's also an artist and for as long as I can remember she’s expressed her creativity in a ton of different forms. Over the years, she’s expressed herself through sewing, singing, playing the violin, folk dancing, ceramics, interior design, and (most recently) painting (you can check out her gallery in Sweden here).

Although ELSA AND ME  is a company inspired by my grandmother Elsa, my biggest inspiration for everything in life has and always will be my mom, Kerstin. She has a resilience, strength, and fearlessness that I can’t help but be motivated by. I try to make sure my business reflects the spirit of Elsa, but for everything else I do...I look to my mom.
  • Maja Svensson
  • elsa and mekerstin ekmaja svenssonmother's day

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