Our Story

Born in Sweden. Based in Brooklyn. Sewn in Kenya.

ELSA AND ME is a dress company that believes clothing should be made to fit women and not the other way around.

Most women know just how hard it is to find affordable clothing that fits well. It’s said that the standard-sizing for most women’s clothes only fits about 15% of women. ELSA AND ME thinks that's ridiculous and aims to provide made-to-fit clothing that doesn’t break the bank.

Founded by Swede-turned-Brooklynite, Maja Svensson, ELSA AND ME was inspired by Maja’s beloved grandmother Elsa and her renowned fashion sense.

The original idea was to bring an older generation's iconic style to today's diversified career woman and create off-the-rack dresses that would seamlessly go from a day at the office to a chic evening cocktail party. But customers kept asking for dresses made to their exact measurement and requesting more options in the small details of the dress design.

Recognizing a market for made-to-measure dresses with customizable features, Maja soon pivoted ELSA AND ME to create dresses sewn to fit each individual customer and offering choices between customizable features.

Each ELSA AND ME dress is made to a client’s exact measurements, based on one of three silhouettes, and features different styles of necklines, sleeves, and skirt lengths. Every ELSA AND ME dress also comes with the option for REAL POCKETS at no additional fee. And all dresses are ethically produced in Kenya (at Panâh in Nairobi).

If you’re interested in trying on a dress from ELSA AND ME, you can arrange a private one-on-one fitting or a host a group fitting event with two more friends. If you know you’re measurment, you can even order a dress through our webshop.