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Styling One Dress Three Ways

The Capsule Wardrobe was first coined in the 1970s and stands for having a few essential items in your wardrobe that are interchangeable and that don’t go out of fashion, meaning you'll have something to wear for every occasion without owning an excessive amount of clothing. Since our dresses were created around that same idea; dresses that can transition from the office to the party "the Capsule Wardrobe" platform will be used to present to you different ideas on how to maximize your style and closet.

Here are a few first styling ideas for how to change up a dress design without changing the dress itself:

The attributes that I first alter in order to give the impression of wearing a new look although I am wearing the same dress include my hairdo, different necklaces or scarves, and shoes. I find these elements to be the most defining pieces, since they cover a larger part of the “canvas.”

Another Hairdo And The Same Dress
Having longer hair comes with the privilege of being able to alter its style without too much effort. I recently got into braiding my hair à la the Ukrainian former president Yulia Tymoshenko (the braided hairdo I have in the picture takes tops 7 minutes to make) and it gives quite a particular look; bohemian yet put together. This style can be put in relation to my otherwise sharp but messy bun that I tie on top of my head (see picture below) that I generally go for in business settings, or to when I wear my hair down, which is more the look I have for casual festive times (see below as well).

Different Necklaces & Scarves Yet The Same Dress
Depending on its size a necklace can be what your whole outfit will be about. In the header image above I am wearing a wooden necklace I inherited from my mom that is from sometime during the 80s. Its design immediately transfers the dress into a more relaxed outfit as can be compared to the dress styled with the printed scarf below, looking a tad more businessy, right? Scarves are not only great as a design attribute to dress something up or down, but they are also an extremely practical item for when it's shifting between cold and warm temperature, e.g. New York weather in general, or the outside vs. an air-conditioned inside. The scarf above is the perfect carry-on size for a light breeze.

Shoes And The Same Dress
Second to dresses, shoes are my favorite thing in the fashion world. They can really make or break an outfit and should always be evaluated to match the other accessories you wear. The number one most versatile shoe color and the most versatile shoe that I own, is a beige pair of pumps; a very classic color and style that pairs well for any skin tone and any-colored or -patterned dress. A different beige-nuanced shoe can be seen in the immediate picture below, show-casing more of a casual pairing with the dress. To make an otherwise conservative outfit go from casual to spark a little more, I pair solid-colored classic dresses with patterned or bright shoes. A way to stand out at the office or to change up a dress style, while still keeping it professional-looking. If you look closely, in the picture furthest below, you'll find the most sparkly shoes I own.


  • Maja Svensson
  • capsule wardrobeelsa dresslbdlittle black dressmade in kenyastyleYulia Tymoshenko

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