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New Year: The One Dress Challenge

 Maja here.

One of the things (out of the MANY) that no one ever tells you when you start your own fashion company is that you should probably enjoy wearing your own product. Because you will wear it. A lot.

I wrote a LinkedIn post back in 2015 about how I pretty much wore our original ELSA dress nonstop for the first few years of the business. For me, it had become a professional uniform that provided confidence, helped boost my personal brand, and saved me time, money, and creative energy.

And while it’s easy to wear nothing but ELSA AND ME dresses when you have a closet full of them (because you make them), I think anyone can pull off a whole working week’s worth of outfits with just a single Elsa (or Ruth or Ida) dress.

Some people might think that arguing customers only need one of your products in place of five might not be the best for business, but I’m proud of the versatility of an ELSA AND ME dress and how it can work with any number of accessories and styles to create an almost unlimited amount of outfits.

So I’m putting my money where my mouth is. Throughout spring, I’m going to be taking what I’m calling the “One Dress Challenge,” where I will be showcasing the same dress in a different and unique way every week for five months straight.

So, whether you own five, one, or none of our dresses, I encourage you to follow along and see just how much styles that can be created with a single dress.


  • Maja Svensson
  • elsa and meone dress challengeoriginal ELSAstylinguniform

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