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We’re Changing How We Price Our Dresses!

Hej Hej,

As ELSA AND ME continues to develop as a company, I wanted to personally give an update on how we are planning to move forward with the business and I’m excited to say that we’re adopting a new pricing platform with lower costs!

As most of you know, we recently ran our first ever successful kickstarter campaign, in which we raised over $10,000 for the bulk order of our fall fabrics. As we were running the campaign and introducing ELSA AND ME to new customers, I looked at our core values as a company and how to best align them with being a profitable business. I ended up putting all (or at least most) of my thoughts in an essay I published on Medium. If you missed it, or don’t have time to read the whole thing, I basically explained my belief that having access to made-to-measure clothing is essential to helping women have a more positive body image.

So to keep ELSA AND ME’s commitment to offering made-to-measure fashion at an affordable price, I’ve decided to change how we price our dresses. Before the Kickstarter, our normal price for a made-to-fit dress, no matter the design or customization, was usually a flat-rate of $295. There were a bunch of reasons for that cost -- we had to balance unforeseen or limited demand for certain colors and fabrics with not having inventory on hand and being mindful of shipping costs that could easily skyrocket for the fabrics ordered per dress.

Anyway, for the Kickstarter (and even in a few situations before then) we began playing around with cost. If we ordered enough fabric in bulk and could sell a certain minimum number of dresses, then we would be able to sell at lower prices. All while continuing to offer a high quality product. And we think we hit upon something: instead of charging the same amount for every dress, we could match the price to the amount of customization.  

Alright so here’s how the new pricing is going to work: All of the three dress silhouettes (ELSA, IDA, RUTH) will be available in the most basic simplest design (sleeveless, with no lining OR pleats, but still featuring pockets) and in the current fabric variations for $195. From there, certain custom features that require more material and labor: lining, adding pleats, and adding sleeves cost an additional $20 each. So say, if you wanted a RUTH dress ($195) with lining ($20), pleats ($20) and sleeves ($20), the total would be $255. Of course, any limited edition or new fabrics will have their own cost. The new prices are already on the site and you can see them reflected in the “Dress” category in our shop when choosing the different add-ons.

Additionally, while before we used to offer a flat reduced price for a dress to anyone who hosts a fitting event for two or more guests, we’re now offering a $100 discount to the host applied to any dress design they order. So if she orders an ELSA dress with no sleeves, no lining, and no pleats, her total will only be $95.

I hope the new pricing system is clear and easy to understand. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out! Thank you always for your loyal support and following along as we grow.

Warmest regards,
Maja Svensson
CEO & Founder

  • Maja Svensson
  • affordableelsaandmemadeinkenyamadetomeasurepricingsizemeup

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